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As with all our personal journeys, any process of change and development stems from within the individual. There are resources and individuals that we need in our lives for this to happen. Crossways aims to provide such resources through providing skills, training and safe places for people to get together

The Kitchen table

The Kitchen table is our latest project and is a community cafe at 19 Camden Road Tunbridge Wells. The Kitchen Table is a different sort of cafe. It’s not just about coffee and cake. It’s about community, about connecting and about chatting.

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Enterprise project

We believe that everyone has the right to acquire appropriate skills, the chance to work out in the wider community and hope for the future. Our primary focus is to help equip our residents with relevant skills and confidence so that they can take advantage of employment opportunities away from Crossways.

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Mental Health Awareness Training

At Crossways, we believe very strongly that the more people understand about mental health and their own preconceptions, the better equipped they are to help and support themselves and others.

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Help support Crossways Community with donations

Donations are incredibly important to continue providing support to our community members. If you could spare even a little it’s greatly appreciated. Donate securely through Virgin Money Giving – Thank You

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