Working for better mental health in the community

Crossways Community is a Christian charity which provides housing and support for adults suffering a range of mental illnesses.

We also run a social enterprise focussing on furniture upcycling and provide training for schools, businesses, churches and community groups to help people understand their own mental health and build better mental resilience. Our cafe ‘The Kitchen Table’ in Camden Road Tunbridge Wells is a cafe for everyone but with a special focus on providing a supportive environment for those living with poor mental health and those who support them. In 2017, Crossways started working in partnership with Mental Health Residential Limited (MHR), another mental health charity in Southborough; on 1st May 2020, the two charities merged under the Crossways Community name.

Staff Survey

Every year, we survey our staff on what they think about Crossways. Here are a few findings and quotes from this year’s survey:

97% of us feel valued at Crossways and feel that Crossways supports a good balance between work and personal life

“I enjoy working for an organisation that provides a valuable service to the community, with Christian values. I find the staff and management caring, approachable and non-judgemental. I am also uplifted by having supportive managers who make me feel valued and recognise my efforts to improve the quality of life of the individuals I support”

“Crossways has such a lovely community feel and puts the service users at the forefront whilst valuing their staff members”

 “I like all the little thoughtful touches like Christmas gift voucher and party invitations, also the fact that Crossways communicates with staff at all levels”


Our vision is of communities where people with poor mental health are not alone, but receive the care, respect and support they need.

Mission (Purpose)

We are inspired by the love of God and the example of Jesus Christ:

  • To deliver care and support to people with poor mental health – recognising potential, encouraging independence, and promoting self-worth
  • To combat the exclusion and stigma often experienced by people with poor mental health
  • To promote improved mental health in the community through information and education.


We trust in God; We act with integrity; We are embedded in our community.


Crossways Community provides a care and support rehabilitation and recovery service to adults experiencing enduring mental health difficulties. It is our duty to ensure the welfare and protection of any adult who accesses our services.
Crossways Community is committed to the belief that the protection of vulnerable adults from harm and abuse is everybody’s responsibility and aims to ensure that all those associated with working for the organisation act appropriately in response to any concern around adult abuse.
Crossways Community provides compulsory safeguarding training for all care and support staff