Enterprises Project

Crossways Community Enterprises is our social enterprise project and is run by Vittoria Williams.

We believe that everyone has the right to acquire appropriate skills, the chance to work out in the wider community and hope for the future. We may all take this for granted but for people with mental health difficulties, finding and maintaining employment can be extremely difficult.

Our primary focus is to help equip our residents with relevant skills and confidence so that they can take advantage of employment opportunities away from Crossways.

At Enterprises, this is done mainly through our furniture upcycling project. We upcycle donated items of furniture for sale on our Facebook page. This involves sanding down, painting and, if the item is a chair, re-upholstering. The upcycling provides a creative outlet, and a real sense of achievement if something is sold.

We are always in need of furniture items for upcycling so please contact us if you have anything suitable – we are able to collect if necessary.

As well as being a useful bridge to the wider world, offering valuable opportunities for gaining and maintaining skills and confidence, these activities prepare our residents for employment and bring them into the community.

This also shows the community that having mental health problems does not stop you from being employed and involved within your community. You don’t have to be sidelined. It’s a level playing field.

Check it out – we always have high quality upcycled items for sale, why not check out our Facebook page to see what we have on offer.

Get involved – if you’d like to be involved with Enterprises as a volunteer or as someone with poor mental health who might benefit from these activities then please get in touch with us