A Snapshot of Support at Culverdale

A Success Story:

One of our residents has recently secured private rented accommodation in Maidstone and will be leaving us later this month.  They moved in to Culverdale with a number of support needs such as: being unemployed and not in receipt of benefits; having poor relationship with family members;  friends living in another area of Kent with no way of travelling to see them; gender issues; not receiving the right medication for mental health as they were not registered with a GP. Of course, in amongst all of this were some very complex emotional issues we needed to help them work through. 

They are leaving us having gained the following from their time at Culverdale:

  • in receipt of all benefits they are eligible for

  • they have recently been offered a full-time supervisor’s position at a supermarket after working part time since Christmas of last year

  • they have their own transport after gaining their motorbike licence and so are now able to see their friends

  • they have improved relationships with previously estranged family members

  • After registering with a GP and dentist, both their mental and physical health are much better.

Through total acceptance of who they are from Culverdale staff, they have been able to work through the gender issues and no longer feel the need to explore them further.  The flat they will be moving into allows them to have their two cats come to live there too.  The new-found financial security they now have, means they will be in a position to pay for their own rent and not rely on Housing Benefit.

They are why Culverdale exists

They came to us in a very different position to the one they leave us in, and they have done it in just 14 months!  They have made the most of every opportunity that Culverdale offered to them and now see a future for themselves. 

It makes us all very happy!

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