Chris Munday Speaks at Keswick Convention

Crossways CEO, Chris Munday, recently had the opportunity to share our passion for helping people in the community understand their own mental health and build better mental resilience.

As a Christian mental health charity based in Tunbridge Wells, we provide homes and support for those living with poor mental health alongside a social enterprise, community cafe and mental health awareness programme to schools, churches and local businesses. We also want to help Christians understand more about this topic so we can end the stigma around mental health and support one another better.

Chris writes:

It was great to speak this summer to over 300 Christians at the world famous Keswick Convention.

Based in the stunning Lake District town of Keswick the Convention has been providing the Christian community with teaching, worship and challenge amid glorious scenery.  I was asked to speak at two seminars on how the local church can help and support those who struggle with poor mental health and on how as Christians, we can look after our own mental health.  Through a mixture of interaction, videos, Bible study and teaching we started to understand how much God loves us and walks with us in good times and bad. 

You can listen to Chris’ talks by clicking the links below:

Keswick Convention 2019 Talk 1: Getting to grips with mental health
Keswick Convention 2019 Talk 2: Our church & its mental health

More details about our Mental Health Awareness programmes can be found here

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